MOT Preparation and Repair

MOT Preparation and Repair

Hobson’s Garage can prepare any cars or vans for MOT inspection and testing.

Most MOT inspections that fail on their first attempt are not because of a major mechanical defect, but rather a result of small faults that could be easily fixed before your vehicle is put through. Getting everything checked over before the initial MOT can save on the expense and inconvenience of having to organise a MOT re-test.

Here at Hobson’s we can give your vehicle a full health-check and advise on any work required in order for your vehicle to pass its MOT. In the case of any work required to repair your vehicle we provide a full garage service from our workshop in Reddish, Stockport to ensure your vehicle condition is safe and legal. Contact us today on 0161 429 8287 for more information about our MOT preparation and repair service.

We can then organise your vehicle to be sent for a full MOT test (including support for taxi MOT’s) to take the headache out of vehicle health checks.

Our MOT inspections include checks on vehicle items such as:

  • Vehicle lights including bulbs and signal lighting
  • Brake checks
  • Suspension checking
  • Bodywork inspection
  • Tyre checks
  • Fuel and emissions
  • Steering
  • Seatbelt inspection