Hobson’s are agents for TerraClean, a technology designed to increase horsepower, reduce emissions and improve engine performance.

TerraClean Decarbonisation is a cleaning technique that removes carbon and other lacquers that build up in your engine, catalytic converter and O2 sensor.

TerraCleaning is a completely safe, environmentally friendly process which can improve vehicle efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Hobson’s Garage is an authorised agent of TerraClean based in Stockport in the North West of England. Contact us on 0161 429 8287 today to book your vehicle in for a TerraClean service.

TerraClean features can include

  • A dramatic reduction in the engine noise whilst idle or travelling
  • A dramatic reduction in vibration whilst idle or travelling
  • Torque improvement
  • Reductions in turbo lag
  • Improvement in MPG

Reports on engine emission levels and performance are provided before and after each clean so you can see the difference a TerraClean makes to your own vehicle.

  1. How does TerraCleaning work on a diesel vehicle?
    TerraClean is an advanced cleaning system that requires unique patented machinery and chemicals that connect to the vehicle using high quality OEM specific adaptors.

    The TerraClean machine takes over as the vehicles fuel tank and fuel pump. The process enables cleaning of internal engine components without dismantling the engine! The majority of carbon, tars and varnishes are removed from; fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors. TerraClean can also prevent EGR and turbo vane related problems when used as a preventative measure.